Are you living the life you imagined?

Is Life Coaching for YOU?

  • Are looking for a professional to help you with your problems?
  • Do you want help, but feel uneasy about going into therapy?
  • Are your own wants/needs always the last on your list to address?
  • Are you questioning whether you want to stay in your relationship?
  • Are you ready to make some changes in your life but you don’t know WHAT changes or HOW to make them?

 Too often we put our jobs, families, and even our friends’ needs above our own.  This may work for a short time; however, we often end up feeling unhappy, resentful, and completely exhausted.

Life coaching is a fresh approach to helping people solve their problems, meet their goals, and put themselves FIRST in their own lives!

Life coaching was once available only to top business executives but is quickly becoming peoples top-choice for guidance and help. Therapy is for individuals with a mental health diagnosis. Life Coaching works with individuals without a diagnosis and can quickly address the problem, create a plan, and provide the necessary guidance to become a more congruent, peaceful, and happy individual by aligning their actions with their values and their core beliefs.

Are you ready to become a priority in your own life?


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Life can be hard..

Sometimes difficult life events happen that knock us down for a short time. Divorce, illness, and even an unexpected death can occur leaving our future unclear and our safety in question.

Life coaching can provide help and support as you navigate these events and the subsequent changes that occur in your life. Speaking with an unbiased, non-judgmental professional can be a valuable part to your healing process. Life coaching can help you get back on track (or a completely new track) with newfound strength, resilience, and peace!

You do NOT need to stay stuck!

Whether you are conflicted about your relationship, struggling to find time for yourself, or would simply appreciate help sorting out your life, if you are willing to work on putting yourself as a priority then I am willing to help!

Let me help you rediscover the amazing person you are!

Twin Cities Life Coaching is located conveniently on Woodlane Drive in Woodbury, MN.

Call today for a FREE 30-minute consultation at 651-731-9191 or simply send me an email!

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