We’ve all been there…

You’ve spent the last few years focusing on your 5 million other priorities. During that time, your weight slowly crept up and your energy has slowly been zapped from your life. Then, finally looking into the mirror with TOTAL determination, you vow to lose weight once and for all “This. Is. It.” Not to worry! Today, I’m going to share with you eight healthy weight loss tips to help you get back to where you want to be. Read on!

How MANY times has this been you?

The first thing most people do when they want to “be healthy” is research how to lose weight and vow to exercise. Each time we convince ourselves that ‘this time it’s going to be different’ until, failure after failure, we feel desperate!

Some of us do really well for a little while. We find some new information, renew our commitment to follow through, and take consistent action for a week or two….and then, what happens? Our motivation fizzles, we fall off track, and shame ourselves for our lack of follow-through.

This may be a BIG surprise to you…. diet and exercise are only a teeny-tiny part of the problem. Weight loss is actually a side effect of Total Body Health!

Today, I am going to share a BIG secret with you! I am going to give you a sneak peek into some of the topics addressed in my Total Health Transformation: 90-Day Intensive program!

At the end of this blog, I will also reveal a FREE offer to those of you who are interested in taking your health one step further…

Let’s begin by addressing 8 topics from my program…

Healthy Weight Loss Tips:

I am not a fan of most diet programs. Most of them tell you what NOT to eat or have you spend TONS of money on shakes, supplements, or special food. This can feel like deprivation, and while that may work for a short period of time (or for a few specific people), eventually we give up and feel like a failure because, lets face it, there’s no pleasure in deprivation.

Healthy weight loss tips: make life funLife needs to be FUN!

The trick is to tune into your internal signals that your body needs nourishment and to nourish your body with actual FOOD.

Healthy food tastes great and will give you an abundance of energy. The difficult part is tuning-in to determine which foods your body needs as opposed which foods your taste buds prefer (the additives, preservatives, and laboratory created sugars make those suckers all confused).

So instead of focusing on what you don’t get to eat, we focus on what you DO get to eat.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips:

Most, if not all, of my clients have used guilt and shame as their primary “motivation” for weight loss. This DOES NOT WORK as a long-term solution. These examples may sound familiar to you:

“Why can’t I get to the gym? I’m so lazy!” or “Why did I eat that? I have NO self-control. I am never going to lose all of this FAT!”

Loving and accepting where you are NOW is an important step to begin any type of behavior change! Loving and accepting yourself as you are doesn’t prevent you from losing weight (as many people believe) but overpowers the shame and guilt that keeps you stuck!

It may take a while to wrap your head about that… but it is 100% true!

Healthy Weight Loss Tips:

When you are in touch with personal power you feel unstoppable! You make crystal clear decisions and feel focused, creative, patient, loving and in tune with your own body. I love to see when my clients are able tune in to their own intuition or gut wisdom.

Don’t worry. Everyone has gut wisdom.

We’ve been taught to doubt our intuition and listen to “the experts”, but the truth is you are your own best health expert! When we tap into this gut wisdom, we learn how to best take care of ourselves and YOU discover how to become the authority of what your body needs!

Healthy Weight Loss Tips, Tip #4: MOVEMENT/EXERCISE

Exercise doesn’t need to be punishment, although it tends to feel that way for many people hoping to lose weight.

Exercise is most effective when it’s a habit. Habits are the actions we take on a daily basis that determine our quality of life, and pleasure is what drives these habit loops. Our habits are built on what feels most pleasurable to us.

But what does that have to do with exercise?

Exercise/movement needs to be linked to pleasure. You DON’T need to run 5 miles everyday for exercise. You can dance, skip, jump, swim, climb, hike, et cetera…. the possibilities are limitless. Make it FUN and link it to the pleasure centers in your brain!

In my practice, I share a meditation that helps link movement to pleasure with those who struggle with this. Bad habits are difficult, albeit not impossible to overcome!

Healthy Weight Loss Tips:

Healthy weight loss tips #5: Overcoming self-sabotageDo you know WHY your healthy living plans get side tracked? Most people fall into one of the 3 self-sabotage pits! It’s essential to your weight loss journey to be able to recognize your specific sabotaging tendencies. When you bring a seemingly unconscious behavior to your conscious mind, you are able realize how much more control you actually have of your own health destiny. That is an incredibly liberating and empowering feeling!

Healthy Weight Loss Tips, Tip #6: PERSONAL NOURISHMENT/SELF-CARE

Cravings for specific foods can be overwhelming! But we can’t serve from an empty vessel! We have ALL heard that before, haven’t we?

What does this have to do with weight loss?

Many times we confuse food cravings for other cravings, specifically cravings for pleasure, relaxation, adventure, and/or sweetness in your life.

It starts with recognizing that you deserve to experience pleasure!

You deserve to relax!

You deserve to have adventures!

You deserve sweetness!

When you begin to address these areas in your own life, you will notice that your cravings for specific foods will become more manageable and slowly disappear. Furthermore, with the addition of this solid self-care plan, all areas in your entire LIFE improve!

Healthy Weight Loss Tips:

Did you know that the autonomic nervous system is responsible for digestive activity? There are two branches of the automatic nervous system: The Parasympathetic and the Sympathetic. 
The Parasympathetic is also known as the rest and Healthy Weight Loss Tips #7: Stress Managementdigest response and the Sympathetic is responsible for the fight/flight response. The Parasympathetic is the optimal state for digestion and when it’s activated, our metabolic power goes up!

I love it when that happens!

But that’s not all! You may have heard of a hormone called cortisol. This is the hormone that is released when we are stressed out! Studies show that increased cortisol in the system leads to fat accumulation primarily around the belly.

I hate it when THAT happens!

This is the reason that learning stress management techniques and creating a life with less stress is imperative to losing weight AND living a healthy life! Without stress management, losing weight is like pushing a boulder up a steep hill. It is possible, but very difficult and takes more effort than is needed.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips:

Connection to a higher power is both a peaceful and grounding experience. Establishing an individualized, spiritual connection has helped my clients stay focused on their goals and has also provided them with the added motivation when necessary. This has been an significant part of my own self-care plan. I know that it is necessary for me to continue to feel peaceful and grounded when life gets exciting.

Who feels 100% confident they can walk away from this blog, lose weight and improve their overall health once and for all?

That’s okay. I’ve actually left out 3 key components that put all of this together. Without these 3 components, we tend to stay in the same patterns and repeat the same old behaviors that keep us stuck. The 3 key ingredients are:


How many people know WHAT to do, but don’t always do it?  Yeah, most of us.

Knowing more is NOT what motivates us to action! We’ve got information. You don’t NEED more information. What we DO need to ‘make this time different’ is a proven SYSTEM that works and someone to encourage our progress, and kick us in the butt when we make poor choices!

That’s where I come in!  I love helping people lose weight and feel GREAT about themselves!

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Sooooooo, what did you think? Was there a tip that was a big surprise to you?