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Communication skills are absolutely imperative for anyone living in today’s world. It affects us at home and at work. Linda is an expert on communication skills and has created this category page for anyone interested in learning more on the subject. Please read the blog posts below and leave a comment so that we can communicate better with our clients now and in the future.

Be a better friend! #FriendshipTips

by Linda Fliss

Life Coaching can help people balance their lives in 3 important areas: Relationships, Work, and Self-care. People most often see me for help in their relationships. Typically, when our relationships are going well, we can manage a little chaos in the other areas of our life. After all, who doesn’t have a little chaos in a their […]

12 Ways to Slow Down in 2014

by Linda Fliss
If you want to be happy...

Looking back on 2013, how busy were you?  Did you find enough time for yourself, your family, and your job?  If you are like many many people, you are probably able to pick out a few moments where you were able to take the time to enjoy these things, but the majority of your time […]

Mistakes: How good are YOU at forgiving yourself?

by Linda Fliss
Forgive Yourself

Mistakes. They are a part of being human.  Big mistakes, small mistakes, stupid mistakes…. all mistakes.  The good thing is that all mistakes are a way to learn and grow. Thank Goodness we make them, right? The real problem is not that people MAKE mistakes.  After all, we are human so we are going to […]

Top 3 daily tips to keep your relationship strong!

by Linda Fliss
Life Coaching Older Couple

I see a lot of disconnected couples who would like to improve their relationship.  I am always happy to see them and feel privileged for the opportunity to help.  Time and time again, I hear stories of happy beginnings that slowly spiral into unhappiness and discontent. How do so many couples go from being in […]

Top 5 Facebook Safety Tips for Parents!

by Linda Fliss

Parents spend a lot of time lecturing our kids about on-line safety. Would it surprise you to know that we could be putting our kids safety in jeopardy even more than they do? When I was in graduate school, I was the group facilitator for a group of child sex offenders.  I learned a lot […]

A Soft Place to Land…

by Linda Fliss

I had two clients a few years back who where struggling with their relationship.  When I met with the man individually, he spoke of his strong desire to have their home be a “soft place to land” after a hard day at work.  I have never forgotten that phrase. Do you have a soft place […]

What can Life Coaching help me with?

by DevScotty
Couple Life Coaching

A Life Coach can help you with: Creating more happiness More balance Better relationships A lifestyle that you love A career you love Personal success Professional success