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8 Healthy Weight Loss Tips

by Linda Fliss

We’ve all been there… You’ve spent the last few years focusing on your 5 million other priorities. During that time, your weight slowly crept up and your energy has slowly been zapped from your life. Then, finally looking into the mirror with TOTAL determination, you vow to lose weight once and for all “This. Is. […]

Don’t Ditch Your New Year’s Resolutions YET!!!

by Linda Fliss

There is still hope! January 17th is unofficially Ditch Your New Year’s Resolution Day. I can’t believe that’s actually a day! I have heard that only around 8% of people who make New Years Resolutions meet their goals. How can this be? I meet my goals every year and, trust me, there is absolutely NOTHING […]

8 Quick Life Coaching Facts

by Linda Fliss

Life coaching is a fresh approach to helping people solve their problems and meet their goals. Something that was once only available to top business executives, life coaching is quickly becoming peoples top-choice for guidance and help creating a new future for themselves. I am often asked many questions about life coaching. I put together […]

It’s time to play nice, Ladies!

by Linda Fliss

Ahem…Ladies, we have some work to do! We woman are amazing human beings! This has been recently proven once again in our country.  Two women have challenged and overcome a barrier that was created to separate us from our male counterparts. Out of 364 soldiers who began the grueling Ranger training, only 96 finished. What […]

Change Your Focus, Change Your Reality

by Linda Fliss

Why is it that some folks appear to easily glide through life? They love their jobs, get along with others, and are generally happy, peaceful people. Meanwhile, others can’t seem to slow down long enough to breathe. Could it be a matter of focus? And if so, can you change your focus? What the heck […]

How to Live a Peaceful Life

by Linda Fliss

Abandon Judgment and Live a Peaceful Life I have been trying to understand judgmental people for a while. It is hard for me, personally, because I completely understand, and have accepted, my entire flawed and completely human self. To wrap my brain around judging another person’s equally flawed human self? Well, that just doesn’t make […]

Challenging FEAR in 2015

by Linda Fliss
Life Coaching, Challenging Fear

My goal for 2014 was fairly straightforward. I simply wanted to slow my life down. I came up with 12 fairly specific ways I was going to work towards this goal that I could apply to each day/month. Pretty clear, right? My goal for 2015 is a little less concrete so I’m a little nervous […]

New Year Resolutions: Tips for making them happen!

by Linda Fliss
Life Coaching New Year's Resolutions

Can you believe that the beginning of the New Year almost here? People are already beginning to talk about their New Years Resolutions. Whether you make them or mock them, I bet you are a part of the conversation! Last year, I had one main goal. It was to slow my life down. I created […]

Top 5 Facebook Safety Tips for Parents!

by Linda Fliss

Parents spend a lot of time lecturing our kids about on-line safety. Would it surprise you to know that we could be putting our kids safety in jeopardy even more than they do? When I was in graduate school, I was the group facilitator for a group of child sex offenders.  I learned a lot […]

What’s the difference between therapy and coaching?

by DevScotty

If you want to make changes in your life, congratulations on taking the first step!  The next step often involves the question:  Which is right for you—therapy or coaching? Many people are unsure if they should go see a life coach or a therapist when they have problems in their life. First, it would be […]