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12 Ways to Slow Down in 2014

by Linda Fliss
If you want to be happy...

Looking back on 2013, how busy were you?  Did you find enough time for yourself, your family, and your job?  If you are like many many people, you are probably able to pick out a few moments where you were able to take the time to enjoy these things, but the majority of your time […]

Top 3 daily tips to keep your relationship strong!

by Linda Fliss
Life Coaching Older Couple

I see a lot of disconnected couples who would like to improve their relationship.  I am always happy to see them and feel privileged for the opportunity to help.  Time and time again, I hear stories of happy beginnings that slowly spiral into unhappiness and discontent. How do so many couples go from being in […]

A Soft Place to Land…

by Linda Fliss

I had two clients a few years back who where struggling with their relationship.  When I met with the man individually, he spoke of his strong desire to have their home be a “soft place to land” after a hard day at work.  I have never forgotten that phrase. Do you have a soft place […]

What can Life Coaching help me with?

by DevScotty
Couple Life Coaching

A Life Coach can help you with: Creating more happiness More balance Better relationships A lifestyle that you love A career you love Personal success Professional success

What’s the difference between therapy and coaching?

by DevScotty

If you want to make changes in your life, congratulations on taking the first step!  The next step often involves the question:  Which is right for you—therapy or coaching? Many people are unsure if they should go see a life coach or a therapist when they have problems in their life. First, it would be […]