I have to be honest with you all…. I go a little crazy in March. I know exactly why it’s so hard for me… maybe you can relate. I thought I would do some research for us and share some FUN and ACTIVE St. Paul winter activities to keep us from going CRAZY until Spring!

After February, it’s so super close to Spring and when the weather inevitably dumps snow and/or cold days on us, I feel a little hopeless.

Because of this, I know how important it is for me to stay active for both my physical and mental well-being. But its so freaking HARD to do in the endless MN winter!

Check out these St. Paul Winter Activities

St. Paul Winter Activities Idea #1: Vertical Endeavors

I have been meaning to try this place! In case you haven’t heard, Vertical Endeavors is a rock climbing facility located in both St. Paul and Minneapolis. This is an excellent place expend some energy and stay active during the long (seemingly endless) MN winter! According to their website, St. Paul is one of the largest climbing facilities in the country! It has over 18,200 feet of climbing walls and courses up to 35 feet tall. Personally, I would rather go on a date here than a restaurant…. but that’s just me.

St. Paul Winter Activities Idea #2: Como Zoo Park and Conservatory

I have wonderful memories of going to the Como Zoo with my grandparents as a child. It wasn’t until recently that I learned of the many unique events the Como Zoo and Conservatory has to offer. Did you know that they have a Music Under Glass program where you can listen to FREE Sunday afternoon concerts within the beauty and warmth of the Como Zoo Conservatory? I didn’t know that this was even a thing! What an excellent way to escape the snow and/or cold right here in St. Paul! In addition to this program, they also have excellent family and educational events such as Zoo Keeper Talk to learn more about specific animals.

St. Paul Winter Activities Idea #3: Cross Country Skiing

Are you undaunted by the cold? Or would like to try out a new type of exercise this winter? Cross-country skiing is a GREAT way to stay active during the winter. Provided there is snow, what could be more fun than getting outside to enjoy nature AND get some exercise? St. Paul has several locations to try it out:

  • Como Cold Course 1431 Lexington Parkway North 651-488-9673
  • Highland 9 Golf Course  1797 Edgcombe Road
  • Phalen Golf Course 1615 Plalen Drive
  • Lake Elmo (offers FREE Monday lessons)  1515 Keats Ave N

If you are new to the sport, you can sign up for some cross-country ski lessons and rent equipment at the Como Park Ski Center.

St. Paul Winter Activities: Fat Biking

St. Paul Winter Activities Idea #4: Fat Biking

Excuse me…. what? Yes, Fat Biking is actually a thing. It is a new sport that has been emerging in MN for the past several years. A fat bike has large, low-pressure tires, which are designed to ride over snow or sandy trails. The Department of Natural Recourses in MN has launched a pilot project to help people find places to ride their fat bikes because not all places allow this sport due to the grooming costs of the trails for skiing. The closest place to St. Paul where Fat Biking is allowed is Fort Snelling State Park where there are 6 miles of trails that are groomed for fat biking.

If you don’t happen to OWN a fat bike but would like to try this out, you can rent one at Penn Cycle. They have several locations. There is even one located in Woodbury, MN!

St. Paul Winter Activities Idea #5: St. Paul Farmers’ Winter Market

St. Paul winter activities with Linda and friends

Only in Minnesota would you have a FARMERS MARKET in the middle of winter! I was completely unaware of this. The St. Paul winter farmers market is open from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm every Saturday from December 3rd to April 15. It is located on Wall Street inside Golden’s Deli. They have such fun events as a Chili cook off and samplings of food such as baked goods, cheese, honey, jellies, pasta… and more! I like that it’s open past noon because it is so easy to sleep-in (a.k.a. hibernate) on the weekends in the winter, isn’t it?

St. Paul Winter Activities Idea #6: Carriage Rides in St. Paul

The Hitching Company offers romantic horse-drawn carriage rides in downtown St. Paul throughout the winter. I can’t think of a better, more ROMANTIC way to tour downtown St. Paul! Why wait for a special event? Every evening is the perfect evening for something this unique and fun. Turn off Netflix, grab a warm blanket, and make some memories this winter!

St. Paul Winter Activities Idea #7: St. Patrick’s Day Fun

You really don’t want to miss LuckyPalooza in downtown St. Paul! On March 11th there will be a two-block street party from 2:00 pm to 11:00 pm (after 11:00, the fun moves inside until 1:00 am). The afternoon fun includes three big tent parties at McGovern’s, Burger Moe’s, and Cossetta’s! There will be outdoor food stands, life music and DJ’s, and even a mechanical bull! FREE rides on Metro Transit busses and light rail are included. Wouldn’t this make a GREAT St. Patrick’s day date?

St. Paul Winter Activities Idea #8: Learn to Cook

The Cooks of Crocus Hill offer a fun and informative way to pass the time this winter. During these cold, snowy days, wouldn’t it be fun to learn how to cook a unique meal? In addition to cooking classes, they offer cooking DATES that you can take with your sweetie! Their schedule is packed with fun events from learning to make easy breads to enjoying a glass of wine as you learn to make a Mexican Fiesta! Their calendar for March is impressive! Why stay board this winter? Learn a new skill and HAVE FUN!

St. Paul Winter Activities Idea #9: Join a New Exercise Club

St. Paul winter activities: Roller DerbyThere are SO many different types of FUN exercise classes in the St. Paul area. To make it though this winter, I have personally tried Pure Barre in Woodbury and Pilates Body in Woodbury in addition to my regular gym. Both studios were WONDERFUL and I loved learning a new way to exercise! In the future, I would love to try Title Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, and Cross Fit (although those people scare me a little bit). Why not? It keeps me active, healthy, and fit during the long boring winter months. Plus, I have met a few new FUN friends!

Speaking of friends, a good friend of mine joined the Minnesota RollerGirls training program called the Debu-Taunts. How unique and awesome is THAT?! The list of protective gear is long, plus you need to have your own primary health insurance to participate (GULP!) but she loves it and it sounds like a fun way to stay active! Find something you are interested in this winter and go for it!

St. Paul Winter Activities Idea #10: The St. Paul Science Museum

Located right downtown, the St. Paul Science Museum is a perfect way to beat the winder doldrums. I haven’t been there is years! And it’s right here in St. Paul! The science museum has many fun exhibits, films, and events for both kids and adults. Omnifest is from March 3rd to May 4th! So be sure to check out their website for details.

Bonus: MN Zoo

Ok, so this isn’t in St. Paul, BUT it is one of my favorite spots to get away from the winter, and since I am writing this blog… it made the list. The MN Zoo has fun events scheduled all day long that will keep you out of the cold and snow. From penguin feeding to, shark feeding, to the bird show.., you will find something to enjoy. Would you be interested in the zoo without kids? They have Adult Night at the Zoo on March 24th from 4:30-7:30 (afterhours). It is 18+ to attend and 21+ to drink. I think I may need to put this on my calendar!

There you have it! TEN fun events to help you get through these last few weeks of winter. We can do it!

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So, did you see anything you may want to try this winter? Please comment below!!