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8 Healthy Weight Loss Tips

by Linda Fliss

We’ve all been there… You’ve spent the last few years focusing on your 5 million other priorities. During that time, your weight slowly crept up and your energy has slowly been zapped from your life. Then, finally looking into the mirror with TOTAL determination, you vow to lose weight once and for all “This. Is. […]

What are Healthy Fats….and why should I care?

by Linda Fliss

I have to level with you, the 80’s messed me up in A LOT of ways. I now have an aversion to blue eye shadow, a fear of “too big” hair, and a complete misunderstanding of dietary fats. In the 80’s low-fat diet craze, we cut out most of our fats and replaced them with […]

How to Create Successful New Years Goals

by Linda Fliss

Happy New Year (almost)! January 1st in almost here! It’s a day for many of us to plan our goals for the upcoming New Year! I just LOVE New Years Goals! Of course, as a life coach, I create goals and plans all year long, however; I love the FEEL of excitement in January. Unfortunately, many […]

8 Quick Life Coaching Facts

by Linda Fliss

Life coaching is a fresh approach to helping people solve their problems and meet their goals. Something that was once only available to top business executives, life coaching is quickly becoming peoples top-choice for guidance and help creating a new future for themselves. I am often asked many questions about life coaching. I put together […]

Control your busy mind or it will control YOU!

by Linda Fliss

Our brains are very smart. Even while we sleep, they continually monitor for signs of danger. In times of stress or trauma, our brains know what they need to do to protect us. Yes, our brains are smart…so smart that they will take advantage of us if we’re not careful! Much like a puppy learning […]

Change Your Focus, Change Your Reality

by Linda Fliss

Why is it that some folks appear to easily glide through life? They love their jobs, get along with others, and are generally happy, peaceful people. Meanwhile, others can’t seem to slow down long enough to breathe. Could it be a matter of focus? And if so, can you change your focus? What the heck […]

Everything changes…

by Linda Fliss
Life Coaching, Everything Changes

I love the symbolism of the butterfly. Everything changes in this life. Many times we don’t even WANT the changes that happen to us! Bad things happen and we are left to figure out a way to manage these changes. It is during those time that I like to think of the butterfly. When I […]

Challenging FEAR in 2015

by Linda Fliss
Life Coaching, Challenging Fear

My goal for 2014 was fairly straightforward. I simply wanted to slow my life down. I came up with 12 fairly specific ways I was going to work towards this goal that I could apply to each day/month. Pretty clear, right? My goal for 2015 is a little less concrete so I’m a little nervous […]

New Year Resolutions: Tips for making them happen!

by Linda Fliss
Life Coaching New Year's Resolutions

Can you believe that the beginning of the New Year almost here? People are already beginning to talk about their New Years Resolutions. Whether you make them or mock them, I bet you are a part of the conversation! Last year, I had one main goal. It was to slow my life down. I created […]

Silencing Your Inner B*tch

by Linda Fliss
Life Coaching Relaxation Skills

I had a small moment of clarity in the bathtub last night. That may be one of the strangest sentences I have ever written, let me explain.. You see, it’s winter in MN and we are all very cold and hot baths help us thaw out.  Also, I’m a runner and have always been able […]