6 Quick Solutions To Sugar Cravings


Christmas cookies are my kryptonite! I love making (and eating) them but they sure make it hard to stick to my healthy eating plan. I know…I know… MODERATION! But even that is difficult when there is a tray of those sugary treats nearby.
So, what should we do?
Toss in the towel and “diet” in January?

NO! We don’t want to sabotage our healthy eating plan with just one month of treats, do we?

Lets look at 6 Quick and Easy Sugar Craving Solutions:

  • Sugar Craving Solution #1: Are you actually thirsty?
    I know this sounds crazy, but sometimes sweet cravings are a sign of dehydration. Luckily, there is an easy solution! Pound a glass of water, wait 5 minutes and then see if you still have the craving.

    Also, too much caffeine mimics the feeling of a blood sugar crash – you’re high for a bit but then you coming crashing down and crave….SUGAR, of course.

  • Sugar Craving Solution #2: Satisfy your sweet tooth with sweet veggies, fruits, and spices!
    Your tongue has sweet taste buds that DEMAND to be satisfied, so don’t hold out on ‘em! Add naturally sweet foods & spices to your diet like squash, yams, carrots, beets, berries, figs, apples, cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg, and cloves.

    I have even been known to add some dark chocolate to fresh fruit to satisfy my nagging sweet tooth. YUM!

  • Sugar Craving Solution #3: Sleep!
    For many of us, this is easier said than done. But if you’re constantly tired, your body is going to look for energy, usually in the form or sugar or caffeine. Power down an hour earlier than usual or take a nap, and notice if your cravings get better.

  • Sugar Craving Solution #4: Check Out Low-Fat and Fat Free Foods.
    When food manufacturers take the fat out of foods, what do they put in? Yep, sugar. Sometimes it’s a better idea to eat the full-fat version of food to avoid the unnecessary sugar.

  • Sugar Craving Solution #5: Move Your Beautiful Body
    Movement is another kind of fuel for your body. It releases stress and helps you feel (and look) great. When your body doesn’t move enough, it starts to look for other ways to blow off steam or improve your energy; like binging on a Snickers bars.

  • Sugar Craving Solution #6: Create New Post-Meal Rituals.
    If you’re a “dessert after your meal” person, one of things you might love about that is the ritual of it. What are other possibilities for post-meal rituals? I love hot chocolate or tea in the wintertime!


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I hope this blog gave you a few ideas to help you manage your sugar cravings this season!

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