Back on Track: The Anti-Diet Detox

Well, it happened…

I feel off track and gained weight and FEEL terrible. My clothes are tighter but, worse than that, my energy level has plummeted. Along with these rotten physical issues, my long-lost enemies GUILT and SHAME have been invading my thoughts reminiscent of my eating disorder days. I was SURE I killed off those jerks a long time ago!

You may be wondering why this is called the Anti-Diet Detox…

I am not a fan of most diet programs. Most of them tell you what NOT to eat or have you spend TONS of money on shakes, supplements, or special food. This can feel like deprivation, and while that may work for a short period of time (or for a few specific people), eventually we give up and feel like a failure because, lets face it, there’s no pleasure in deprivation.

As a matter of fact, Bishop (2001) conducted a study and determined that people who choose fad diets are more likely to gain weight back than those who followed a healthy lifestyle. The folks who followed a healthy living plan, lost weight slower but were able to keep the weight off without additional lifestyle changes.

Do you know what this means? It means weight loss is actually a SIDE EFFECT of a healthy lifestyle!

We don’t need specific DIETS. We just need to get back to the basics. My Back on Track planner can help you for the next 30-Days! (Click here for a sneak peak!)

Are you ready to get back to the basics with me?

Back on Track: The Anti-Diet Detox


I need to switch up my mental game again and get back to looking at food as fuel. The trick is to tune into our internal signals that our bodies needs nourishment and to nourish our body with actual FOOD.

Healthy food tastes great and will give us an abundance of energy.

The difficult part is tuning in to determine which foods our bodies like as opposed which foods our taste buds prefer (the additives, preservatives, and laboratory created sugars make those suckers all confused).

  • CHOICE: This takes time because our taste buds need to be sort-of reprogrammed. So instead of focusing on what I don’t get to eat, focus on what I DO get to eat. 

  • FATS: Personally, I am adding in healthy fats (read my blog to learn more) and switching my bread-y carbs for vegetable carbs. However, if I want a cookie I am going to EAT a cooking because this is NOT a diet plan and, let’s face it, cookies make life more fun.

  • DOCUMENTATION: I am going to document my food because THAT holds me accountable to ONE cookie and not the entire box of Thin Mints (Buy my Back on Track journal here).

  • CHEMICALS: I am also going to reduce the chemicals in my body by choosing (some) organic fruits and veggies and making myself aware of chemicals in my environment. (read my blog to learn more).

  • LISTEN TO MY BODY: And finally, I am going to tune into my “hunger” signals. Sometimes they can get confused. Many times we confuse food cravings for other cravings, specifically cravings for pleasure, relaxation, adventure, and/or sweetness in your life. It starts with recognizing that you are worthy of good things!
    • You deserve to relax!
    • You deserve to have adventures!
    • You deserve sweetness in your life!
    • You deserve peace!

    When you begin to address these areas in your own life, you will notice that your cravings for specific foods will become more manageable and slowly disappear.


Did you know that the autonomic nervous system is responsible for digestive activity?

There are two branches of the automatic nervous system:

  • Parasympathetic is also known as the rest and digest response
  • Sympathetic is responsible for the fight/flight response.

The Parasympathetic is the optimal state for digestion and when it’s activated, our metabolic power goes up!

I love it when that happens!

But that’s not all! You may have heard of a hormone called cortisol. This is the hormone that is released when we are stressed out! Studies show that increased cortisol in the system leads to fat accumulation primarily around the belly.

I hate it when THAT happens!

This is the reason that learning stress management techniques and creating a life with less stress is imperative to losing weight AND living a healthier and happier life!

I can’t review all of the ways we manage stress in my 90-Day Health and Happiness program, but I can tell you what I am going to do! I am going to add activities into my daily schedule that I know will help manage my stress. For me, these activities are exercise, mindfulness, and quality sleep!


Most, if not all, of my clients have used guilt and shame as their primary “motivation” for weight loss or other behavior change. This DOES NOT WORK as a long-term solution.

These examples may sound familiar to you:

  • “Why can’t I get to the gym? I’m so lazy!”
  • “Why did I eat that? I have NO self-control.”
  • “I am never going to lose all of this FAT!”

I plan on overpowering these horrible feelings with LOVE and ACCEPTANCE. Loving and accepting where you are NOW is THE important first step in any type of behavior change because these feelings are incompatible with guilt and shame! Just like oil and water… they don’t mix!

Loving and accepting yourself as you are doesn’t prevent you from losing weight (as many people believe) but overpowers the shame and guilt that keeps you stuck!

It may take a while to wrap your head about that… but it is 100% true!


Exercise doesn’t need to be punishment, although it tends to feel that way for many people hoping to lose weight. Exercise is most effective when it’s a habit.

Habits are simply the actions we take on a daily basis that determine our quality of life, and pleasure is what drives these habit loops. Our habits are built on what feels most pleasurable to us.

But what does that have to do with exercise?

Exercise/movement needs to be linked to pleasure. You DON’T need to run 5 miles everyday for exercise. You can dance, skip, jump, swim, climb, hike, et cetera…. the possibilities are limitless.

Make it FUN and link it to the pleasure centers in your brain!

  • DOCUMENT: I am going to document space in my daily schedule (in INK) for daily activity.
  • FUN: I will also choose a few activities that are fun to do like snowshoeing and hiking!
  • OPTIONS: I will add in some “winter weather” options because the weather has been so bad. I am also going to plan to do at least 20 minutes of movement each day!

Who now feels 100% confident they can lose weight and improve their health and happiness once and for all?

Most people don’t feel confident. How many people KNOW what to do, but don’t always do it?
Knowing more is NOT what motivates us to action!

So, here are a few options for you….

Sooooooo, what are you waiting for? What do you want to do now?

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