Getting through a very COVID Christmas.

Each year I make a list of New Years Goals and encourage everyone to do the same. I love the excitement of the New Year!

This year is SO VERY different. I feel as if I am holding my breath for 2021 hoping to make it to the new year with some trace of my sanity left.

Christmas is more of a stressor this year than an eagerly awaited celebration with family. Anyone feel the same? I would imagine you do as this has been an ongoing theme for many of my clients.

So, I am going to do you a favor. I am going to provide you with a list of a few ways you can take some of the pressure off yourself this year.
Tips to stay sane during a COVID Christmas

  • You don’t need to send out Christmas Cards. Unless of course you actually enjoy doing it. People will forgive you.

  • Shop online if it’s easier/safer for you. I love supporting local businesses but don’t feel guilty if you can’t this year. Do what you can.

  • Change up your traditions if they are too stressful. I promise you, everyone will survive the changes and may even enjoy them.

  • Tell your kids the Elf on the Shelf has set up video monitoring due to COVID. Don’t stress over moving the damn elf each day. Stick him back in the box. Santa needed him back to help with the online orders.

  • Put up your Christmas tree only if you want to. Mine doesn’t have any ornaments on it this year. I haven’t decided if I will even put them on.

  • Continue to socially distance from anyone vulnerable to COVID. This is a hard one for me but I know we can all manage this disappointment. Side note: I miss hugs.

  • Many church services are online. Make it an experience! Gather around the computer in your jammies with hot cocoa.

  • Change your focus. You can choose to embrace the new way of doing things or feel like a victim. Sometimes it’s just an adjustment to your attitude. I know what I’m going to do.

  • It’s okay if you can’t afford as many (or any) gifts this year. This pandemic will pass. Reach out to churches and other organizations to help with gifts and/or food.

  • Find new ways to connect with family members. Zoom, Skype or FaceTime the people you can’t see this year.

  • Order your meal from a local restaurant. If cooking is more than you can handle right now, then don’t do it.

  • Accept your feelings about the changes this year. Stop telling yourself how you “should” feel or what you “should” be doing. There is no Pandemic rule book. We are all just winging it.

  • Your kids will do as well as you do. Stressed parents = stressed kids. Find ways to manage your stress.


We are all going through this experience together. Reach out to a friend or professional to talk about these changes. You are NOT alone! We need to adjust our Holiday mindset this year and be gentle with ourselves during this crazy pandemic time.

Please don’t sweat the small stuff (psssssst: I know if feels big right now, but most of it is small stuff). REMEMBER: This is our NOW. It is NOT our forever. This will pass.

When you look back on this you will be amazed by your strength and resilience. If you want to know if life coaching can help you through this challenging time, please send me an email. We can schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation.

Most of my clients come from personal referrals or from reading my blogs. Would you mind sharing?



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