Keep that Spark! Tips for Relationships

It appears that STRESS LEVELS are at an all-time high. Politics, job responsibilities, family obligations seem to be affecting my clients and FB friends a lot lately.

On of my main challenges as a life coach is to help my clients figure out a stress management plan that works for them. However, one factor appears to be universal: We can tolerate a lot of JUNK in our lives when our relationship at home is going well.

So, in the spirit of helping our most important relationships, let’s look at a few tips to keep that spark hot!

Keep that Spark! Tips for Relationships

  • Non-Sexual Touch
    Intimacy does not mean sex. Relationship intimacy is a combination of emotional and physical factors that create a “team” atmosphere within your relationship. Touch is one of these factors. If the only time you touch your partner is during foreplay or sex, you may need to work on learning a few of these and adding them to your repertoire of relationship behaviors! Here are a few:

    • Backrub
    • Hand holding
    • Cheek kiss
    • Hug

    It is important that you can perform these behaviors without resentment or expectation. Be mindful of your own thoughts and feelings surrounding touch.

  • Greetings and Goodbyes
    Remember back in the beginning of your relationship when you were sad to see your partner leave for the day and so super happy happy to see them return? We still may feel these emotions but we get too caught up in the “business” of life (kids, cooking, cleaning,.. etc) that we forget to SHOW them!

    In the morning, take time to say goodbye to your partner and give them a long hug. No more rushing out the door with your coffee or protein shake. Tell them sincerely to have a nice day!

    When you see each other after the end of your workday, drop what you are doing and greet them with a hug. Take a few minutes to ask a few questions about their day and really listen to the answers (even if you could care less about their work).

  • New Information
    In long-term relationships, it’s easy to think that you know everything about your partner. This couldn’t be further from the truth! All humans are learning, growing, and changing throughout their life and your partner is no different!

    • What are his/her current stressors at work?
    • What are their thoughts about significant current events?
    • Have their future/work goals changed?

    Relationship intimacy is increased by showing interest in your partner as a “significant other” (instead of as a parent, provider, cook, etc..) and demonstrates how you are genuinely interested in their life! Your challenge this week is to find out 3 new things about your partner! Have fun!

  • Plan a Date
    In the beginning of a relationship, people spend a lot of time planning the PERFECT date! As relationships wear on, “dates” become less special such as going out to eat simply because no one wants to cook!

    Regardless of whether you are the official “date planner” in the relationship (they all seem to have one), planning a date that your partner will love is a great way to show that you care about them and have been paying attention! Do you hate football but your partner is a huge fan? Plan to go to a game or a sports bar to watch it with them. I swear it won’t kill you (I am living proof)! The goal is to plan an actual date with them in mind!

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