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I highly recommend Linda. Working with and getting to know her has been such an awesome experience and great investment! She is very caring, kind, genuine, empathetic, insightful, smart, motivating, professional and so much more! I have grown so much and become so much more confident since I have been meeting with her. She has helped me achieve career, family, and personal goals
Andrea G.

A lack of self-care, confidence and increasing anxiety led me to Linda and I felt like I didn’t know how to get unstuck. How I felt prior to the program to how I feel now is completely different. Linda is incredibly skilled at breaking down goals. She helped me identify what was preventing me from reaching a goal and then we narrowed things down into manageable weekly steps that propelled me forward. I had a goal that cropped up mid-program that was incredibly difficult for me to take action on, but something that meant a great deal to me. With Linda’s support and encouragement I was able to work through it. Working through those goals every week boosted my confidence and I now have the tools to help me work through stressful times. Linda is empathetic, an active listener and someone who genuinely cares about your success. I am so incredibly grateful to Linda for helping me change my negative habits into positive ones.
Ellie S.

I really enjoyed working with Linda! She is easy to talk to, has great insight and is genuinely caring. Working with her has helped me organize my thoughts, create a plan and have accountability. This has helped tremendously in both my personal and professional life. If you are looking for help in your life, Linda is who you want to work with!
Amy P.

I’m grateful to have met Linda on my journey of ‘self-growth’.  She’s empathetic, kind, and a wonderful listener.  I sought out life coaching without a solid idea of what I was really looking for, or what I wanted to achieve.  Linda’s encouraging personality and amazing ability to be a wonderful listener are just some of what makes her so amazing at being a life coach and a friend.  Thank you Linda!
Greg, L.

I was going through one of the hardest life transitions I have ever experienced and deciding to get a life coach was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I was hesitant at first because I have seen my share of counselors/mentors/advisors etc and nothing or no one really clicked with me or helped me pinpoint what it was exactly that I needed to work on even though I knew something needed to change. After talking with Linda during our consultation, I felt supported and optimistic about working with her. She took the initiative to meet with me, get to know me and my current situation, ask my needs/wants/expectations are from her and how I see myself in 3 months. It was a snapshot meeting so we both can get an idea of what the coach and client are looking for and if life coaching with her would be a good fit. When I told her what my current situation was, she suggested a 90 day program that was customizable to me and my needs which was a huge factor that attracted me to her and her coaching. I immediately felt that she genuinely wanted me to grow as a person and discover my own potential. She enabled me to make the decision to invest in myself and put ME and my happiness first which as a mom and wife gets put on the back end.

Meeting with Linda weekly pushed me to be held accountable, make, track and stick with tangible goals, allowed me to talk about my current stressors and provided a sense of relief because she was someone who was always there (phone/text/email/in-person etc) when I needed some advice and/or feedback. She accommodated to my personal needs and wants within the 90 day program and if something wasn’t working for me (whether a timing issue, lack of resources, change of life event etc) then she would tweak it so it was a manageable and attainable goal for me to reach which helped me not lose focus. The support Linda provided mixed with the encouragement and matter of fact/honest guidance really changed me for the better. She was able to see my potential when I wasn’t, she pushed me to keep going and helped me find the strength within myself to be a better person as a whole.

I needed to make some major changes during such a hard transition in my life so she got to know me, my learning style, my interests etc so she could give me the homework and resources that were appealing to me. I was actually interested in the work and tools she provided so I could then learn how to implement it in my daily life versus her just giving me the answers or telling me what to do. She had an abundance of knowledge, personal experience, resources and tools to offer during our face to face sessions or our daily text check ins which really helped guide me to do the work and dig deep within myself which is something I haven’t done before or even knew how to do. I will forever be grateful for Linda and her life coaching, I look forward to using the lifelong resources and tools she supplied in every journey I encounter going forward. Thank you so much for making a difference Linda, you are truly appreciated!
Kelsey, C.

Linda was amazing with helping me change my communication and thought patterns!!! My mind would race and ruminate with the same thoughts and send me into a downward spiral of despair. With Linda’s help, I was able to recognize these patterns and change my thought processes. I also am now more able to communicate my owns needs allowing me a better voice in all of my interpersonal relationships. I can’t thank Linda enough for the tools she has taught me!
Melissa, S.

In the last two months of 2018 I was feeling completely broken. I had been dealing with severe anxiety and depression for over a year and then, my marriage ended. It wasn’t my choice and I was in crisis. I had tried traditional therapy on and off throughout my life. I knew this time, I needed something different.

As soon as I sat down with Linda, I felt at home. Her background and her approach made me feel so at ease. She creates a safe, non-judgmental place to face your truths. She was firm when needed, but soft and encouraging as well. Life Coaching helped me create and meet goals that paved the way for healing and independence. I learned tools and techniques to reduce my stress, to become more self-aware and to communicate with others. We worked on everything from budgeting for living on my own to knocking down the negative beliefs I had about myself. I looked forward to my meetings each week.

6 months after my world came crashing down, I can now say that I am proud of the work I have done, the strength I have, and the person I am.

I cherish my time with Linda and the process of Life Coaching.
Beth, B

I’m a working professional and have always pushed myself to take on as much as I could, and in many instances, probably more than I should have. To cope with this imbalance and lack of boundaries, I would go for a while full steam ahead only to crash because I hadn’t fulfilled some unidentified purpose, leaving me searching for help from one counselor to another. This approach didn’t work, other than to leave me frustrated because not only did I not feel better, but I had spent time and money on an approach that wasn’t working.

When I met with Linda at Twin Cities Life Coaching for the first time, I knew I had found the right fit for me. We talked about things centered around problem solving, which I appreciated from the get go. Things like showing appreciation, giving gratitude, and taking time to be mindful – all things that I tend(ed) to ignore became the focus of our time 1:1.

I know from my own experiences that the change in behavior is entirely up to me, but Linda was a willing friend who had always been there as that coach to remind me when I’m forgetting the principles she taught me in her program. The added touch of knowing I have a trusted coach just a text message away is something that sets her apart from anyone else I’ve encountered.

Linda cares about people, and wants them to live their best life. And that’s why I’d encourage anyone who is trying to find and establish their boundaries at work, or who is trying to come to terms with their next step as a professional, that Linda is the best person I’ve ever known to help light the way.
Alec, C.

I have been seeing Linda for life coaching for 3 years now and I am so thankful I found her! Linda is compassionate, insightful, caring, and dedicated to her clients. Since seeing her my confidence has grown immensely and I have learned so many new strategies to help with my anxiety. She has helped me to set and accomplish many goals. She has a great sense of humor and meeting with her always brightens my day. She is a wonderful life coach and I highly recommend seeing her!
Ann, N

I went looking for help over a year ago – and I found Linda. I was struggling with a lot of change and a general feeling of ‘out of control.’ You know – Having those my-teeth-are-falling-out dreams and generally feeling unable to get through it or at least pick a direction. I was paralyzed by the volume of stuff and feeling cruddy about it all. Linda helped me sort through all the big things, put some into perspective so they stopped being big things, keep focused on being my healthy best to face the day to day challenges and get through that tough time feeling good and confident about myself and my choices.

This year again I went back when things were just feeling overwhelming. Linda is a good listener, non-judgemental and a wonderful champion. She roots for my success and helps me break things down into manageable chunks. I’m back to feeling on top of things and even though there is still a lot going on – I’m not paralyzed or sad just doing what I can do and continuing to move forward. I’d definitely recommend Linda if you need a helping hand to get back on track or back on the track you want to be on…

When I sought out Linda, I was stuck in a hamster wheel. Unmotivated, unhappy with my health, and wanted to change. I tried different weight loss programs and always ended up feeling like a failure, because I would have a bad day or two and couldn’t stick to a plan. I am a single mom, running around with two kids, and didn’t make self-care a priority, cause there just wasn’t time!

I took advantage of the 30-minute consultation and Linda never pressured me to sign up. She explained the 90-day program and left it as, if you want to sign up now, if you want to think about it and get back to me, let me know. Appreciating the no pressure, I signed up and started the next week.

90 days later and I am such a different person. With a busy life and busy schedules, I still find time for me! I’m excited that I get to exercise. I no longer ‘have to’! My mind has completely looked at my wellness as a want to do, need to do and never as a ‘have to’ do, dread to do. Throughout the program I was able to give myself permission to do what’s needed for me, without sacrificing other things going on.

The program was worked around me. I didn’t need to change my ways to conform to a program. It was unique to me and with that, I finally became successful at achieving health and happiness! Thank you, Linda!

Linda was a recommendation to me from a family member who had already gotten so much from her that I had to see for myself, while going through a difficult time. I first found Linda to be open, eager to help, nonjudgmental and very easy to talk to. As we went through our sessions, I found her very adaptable because we did most of our sessions via Skype since I live in Dallas. She is driven because she comes up with a plan for you and helps keep you on course with it and she deeply cares about your success. You are not a number with her but her proud triumphs since she delights in the successes of her clients. If you need a boost in your life to get you through a plateau or rough patch, I cannot recommend her enough.
Matt E.

I had a great experience seeing Linda. She has solid insight and I have certain comments she made on my fridge door to help me keep focused on my self care. My confidence has increased and I feel comfortable knowing that I can text her with a concern at any time. Kind, thoughtful and a skilled life coach.
Marie A.

Linda is a great Life Coach. She is direct, without being harsh, and she has so much energy! Her enthusiasm is contagious. She creates a safe space to express yourself and never passes judgement. She is encouraging and really helps you to focus on your goals. I highly recommend the additional email and text support as this keeps you in touch on a regular basis and focused on what you are looking to accomplish.
Angela G.

This experience with Linda is the best investment I have ever made in myself. I knew from the first 30 minute consultation we were going to hit it off. I learned something new every week and I couldn’t wait to learn more. Linda helped me see that I had all the answers and that I just needed to get out of my way and yet she did it with such care and understanding. She taught me to see the light in myself and to move forward with confidence.
Janet W.

I just wanted to send a note out to make my highest recommendation for Twin Cities Life Coach Linda Fliss. She has helped me immensely at a time of my life when I needed it most. She is a very inspiring and Intuitive Coach. She has powerful abilities to see the underlying potential in a person and to tap into this potential to bring the best out in them. How do I know this – she took this broken shell of a man that I was and helped me to turn around my life and to find my way again. I had the potential within myself but she showed me the way to find it – tap into it – and bring it out and live as my highest self again. Am I perfectly aligned? Not always but she gave me the ability to give myself course corrections when needed. I now have a path and am able to live within my power and on my terms.

Thanks Linda – Couldn’t have done it without you!
Steve B.

I’m so grateful for meeting Linda and for my wonderful 90-day life coaching experience! Linda is a positive and talented life coach who has a variety of experiences and skill sets she’s able to tap into to provide beneficial guidance on just about any topic.

Life coaching is one of the best investments I’ve ever made in myself. I have learned so much about building healthy habits and can see improvements in my ability to handle stress, change, and in making myself a priority. I actually lost 10 pounds throughout the program and have kept it off! I love how my learnings are helping others close to me too.

I feel equipped with new knowledge and tools for being the best and most positive person I can be.

Thank you Linda for all your time, feedback and support! You are the best!

My name is Tammy, I have been working with Linda Fliss through Twin Cities Life Coaching for 6 weeks. It has been one of the best investments in my life! I highlighted “my life” because for the past 50 years, I had been focusing on what I could do to help others with their lives. I started giving pieces of myself away at an early age. By the time I hit mid-life, with my kids grown up, my husband traveling for work and having to go back to work outside the home, I felt empty.

In a short time she has turned my life around. I had been to talk to a few other counselors in the past and had horrible experience! The minute we started talking, I recognized that Linda was a good match. She is giving me real tools to help me recognize the signals in my brain, how to control them and how to use my words to turn conflict situations into productive conversations. I am also learning how to be more confident in my career and in my life in general. I still have some work to do, but I look forward to every session! Thank you Linda!

I think Life Coaching is a good investment for anyone struggling to be a good person. Life gets hard sometimes, and it was very good to have someone to talk to each week and help you through the bad times. I learned valuable tips on how to live life better. I learned many things from Linda Fliss too, which I would also say that she is a very thoughtful, kind individual. I’m grateful to have gotten the opportunity to do Life Coaching. It was helpful and insightful. Thanks, Linda!

Before seeing Linda Fliss’s website, I looked into a few different coaches. I choose her because she stood out from other coaches by way of education and experience with relationships. She was passionate about helping me meet my goals with my life issues. Through her support and compassion, I was able to reach my goals much easier and take them farther than any therapist was ever able to help me do. Working with Linda Fliss was a great experience and I would hire her again to coach me with any life goals.

I met Linda almost 9 months ago. I’ve been graced with such empowering, supportive and positive women throughout my life and Linda is one of my favorite. Thank you Linda for supporting and guiding me during my journey to embrace a more peaceful, happier and empowered self. You truly are phenomenal at what you do!
Molly H.

Ah, Linda changed my life. I was so lost with a lot of things and Linda has helped me find a better understanding of who I am as a person and how to figure out what works for me. I love Linda:)
Morgan F.

I entrust the care of my clients to the coaching expertise and concern of Linda. I love you’re daily posts as well.
Daniel H.

Linda is absolutely fabulous! She is extremely helpful, and incredibly inspiring. I would strongly recommend Linda to help you get out of any sort of rut in your life!
Lori S.

Linda freely offers her insight, compassion, flexibility and positivity. She has solid experience with mental health and people with intellectual disabilities. We are grateful for her sweet work with our family.
Julie K.

Linda Fliss does amazing work! She is a great listener, great problem solver, and really takes the time with you!! Thank you Linda for your leadership and passion to help others!
Megan E.

This company has a core of strength and compassion. Check in to see frequent updates and messages that will bring moments of joy to your heart.
Lisabeth M.


Twin Cities Life Coaching is passionate about self-care. If we don't take care of ourselves first, how do we expect to care well for others in our lives?

Think of the oxygen mask in an airplane. The instructions given to you before taking flight insist that if there is a change in cabin pressure, we are to put on our own mask BEFORE we assist others with theirs.

Our hectic, over-scheduled, over-worked lives push us to meet everyone else's needs and deadlines before our own. We have it backwards and need to take an airplane oxygen mask approach instead.

Take care of yourself first, and the rest will follow.

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