The Importance of the FREE Consultation


Do you ever wonder why some coaches offer a free consultation? Many of them are trained in ways to convince you to hire them for their services.

In my life coaching training, I was taught to do the same BUT I choose to do my consultations differently.

What is the purpose of MY free consultation?

The purpose of my free consultation is to determine if WE are a good fit. I am not trying to convince you of anything because I’m not 100% sure I can even help you until I have heard more about your goals! Most importantly; however, is that YOU need to interview ME to make sure you feel confident that I have the experience and skills necessary to help you with your unique goals. Think of it as a mutual interview process.

What happens in a free consultation with me?

First, I will offer make you a cup of coffee or tea because, in my world everything is better with a hot beverage.

Then we begin the “mutual interview” process. You can start by telling me a few of the goals you would like to accomplish in life coaching. I may ask a few questions for clarification or to encourage you to think a little deeper about your goals but generally is your time to explain what you are looking for.

After that, I tell you whether or not I feel competent enough to help you with your goals and WHY. If I feel comfortable working with your goals, I may highlight some specific skill or experience that would help us as we work together.

Sometimes people come in for a free consultation who are not a good match and that’s okay! Some goals may require another type of professional or our personalities may not mesh. In cases like these, I typically direct people to a different type of service or professional.

I don’t believe in pressuring anyone to make a decision about life coaching at the consultation. Many people decide to schedule their first session but, even if they don’t, I will go over the paperwork with you to explain my business policies.

Speaking of personalities…

I am a very comfortable, laid back kind of person. My office was designed to resemble a family room rather than a business office so I am regularly seen walking around without shoes! If that seems too unprofessional to you then I am NOT the life coach for you.

I like to laugh and have been described as being ridiculously optimistic (by my husband) so you will have to determine if that’s annoying to you or not (He says its not … but I’m not sure I believe him).

I believe that sometime the GREATEST growth occurs after the hardest struggle and that EVERYONE deserves health and happiness in their life.

You can learn more about my training me HERE!

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Let me know if you’d like to come in for a FREE 30-minute consultation to see if life coaching can help you with your goals!

I hope this blog gave you a better understanding of the importance of the FREE consultation!

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Twin Cities Life Coaching is passionate about self-care. If we don't take care of ourselves first, how do we expect to care well for others in our lives?

Think of the oxygen mask in an airplane. The instructions given to you before taking flight insist that if there is a change in cabin pressure, we are to put on our own mask BEFORE we assist others with theirs.

Our hectic, over-scheduled, over-worked lives push us to meet everyone else's needs and deadlines before our own. We have it backwards and need to take an airplane oxygen mask approach instead.

Take care of yourself first, and the rest will follow.

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