Top 10 Ways to Love the Life You Already Have


You might not have the exact life you want, but there’s a good chance you can love your life MORE than you currently do. Just because your life doesn’t look like you thought it would, doesn’t mean it’s over.
It just means it’s time for a transformation.

We all have the ability to make ourselves unhappier than we need to be. We tend to be a little slow to implement the improvements that would make our lives more enjoyable. We also pay too much attention to our negative thoughts, fail to see the good things, and tolerate more than we should.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that we also can make ourselves much happier than we are right now! We simply (or not so simply) need to prioritize ourselves by taking the time to work on our own needs and wants! All too often we put our jobs, families, and even our friends’ needs above our own. This may work for a short time; however, we often end up feeling unhappy, resentful, and completely exhausted.

You can love your life with just a few small changes. Here are a few examples:.

  • Focus on the things you feel grateful for. The more you notice the good things in your life (and the things that make you happy), the more you will begin to see MORE of these occurrences. It’s true. 100%. Just ask any of my former clients.

  • Get rid of the things that annoy you. You may be asking, “Sure, Linda….then how do I get rid of all of my Bills?” Life is pretty good if you don’t have anything that bothers you, but there are some things that we just don’t have control over. That being said, you don’t need an amazing car to be happy, but it’s hard to be happy if your car is unreliable.
    • Make a list of everything that gets on your nerves. It might be an overflowing kitchen junk drawer, a squeaky bed, leaky faucet, insufficient income, or weeds in the yard.
    • Start working on this list and eliminate them one at a time. You’ll be amazed how much better you feel as the list gets smaller.


  • Reach out to your friends. Life can get so busy that we lose touch with the people we enjoy the most. Loving your life is largely about removing the negative and adding the positive. Add your (positive) friends back into your life! Relinquish the friends that tend to be negative to be Facebook friends (or completely disconnect with them).

  • Give yourself something to look forward to. One of the things we all need in life is something to look forward to. Plan something in the future that excites you! Bonus points if it’s something you need to work for like a fun run or hike in the mountains.

  • Focus on making regular small improvements to your life. We all enjoy the feeling of making progress in life. Whether it’s achieving your exercise goal, learning a new scale on the piano, or adding another $100 to our bank account, we enjoy seeing improvement.
    • Pick a few things in your life and focus on making a little progress each week.


  • Let go of the past. Spending time and energy reliving negative experiences from the past only degrades your mood and your life. Learn to let it go. That’s great, Linda, but how do I do that?
    • Forgiving YOURSELF is a difficult but impactful journey and the best way to let go of the past. Damn it’s hard, though!
  • Keep your eyes open for opportunities. Opportunities to enhance your life are all around you. There are people to date, jobs that pay better (and are more enjoyable), potential friends, new activities, educational opportunities, and many other opportunities right in front of you! Keep your mind OPEN to these opportunities and you will begin to notice them more.

  • Take care of yourself. Get some sleep, hit the gym, eat better, and buy some new clothes. Be nicer to yourself and notice how much more you enjoy your life.

  • Participate in a hobby that you love. There’s more to life than work and maintaining your life. A hobby is a great way to explore your interests and have some fun.

  • Remove distractions. Distractions rob you of time and inhibit your progress. You can’t make your life completely free of distractions, but you can come close. Eliminate the physical clutter that consume your time, energy and motivation.


Your life is better than you think. You can make your life significantly better with just a few small changes.

Happiness is a skill more than it is about having a particular set of circumstances. When you do the right things and have the right perspective, your life will be much more enjoyable to you. You can love the life you have without doing anything drastic or winning the lottery.

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Our hectic, over-scheduled, over-worked lives push us to meet everyone else's needs and deadlines before our own. We have it backwards and need to take an airplane oxygen mask approach instead.

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