Fear and COVID-19


Believe it or not, fear is our friend. This emotion has kept humans alive and functioning for thousands of years. Our ancestors successfully avoided getting eaten by predators by listening to the warning signs their brain were telling them. That warning was the emotion FEAR.
Unfortunately, in todays fast paced world, our poor brains are overloaded with FEAR and anxiety. It typically isn’t the life threatening kind (there aren’t too many saber toothed tigers roaming around anymore) but the kind that NEVER SEEMS TO END:

  • Stress from work
  • Stress from our relationships
  • Stress from politics
  • Stress from laundry (my own personal nemesis)

So our poor nervous systems were ALREADY on edge… and then *BAM*…. here comes a freaking GLOBAL PANDEMIC!

So, NOW what do we do?

The answer is different for everyone. This isn’t “simply” a FEAR response but a TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCE that everyone is trying to get through. Just think of it as fear… but on steroids.

Here are a few things that I have learned:

Avoid Judgy People like the Plague
Pretend their words are like an infected persons cough and avoid them. I have hid or snoozed more people on FB than I ever have before. I believe these people honestly think they are being helpful by saying things like “you should be using this time to….(clean, learn a language, work your business)” It may seem benign, but it encourages the belief that there is something wrong with you if you don’t have the same kind of energy. We all have different responses to a global pandemic (who knew?) and there is no “right” or “wrong” way to react.

Figure out YOUR Self-Care
COVID-19 hit me emotionally hard and I haven’t been myself these past few weeks. I have been spending the majority of my time watching all 15 seasons of Supernatural (I probably should personally thank Sam and Dean Winchester for getting me through the first few weeks of this pandemic). I needed to avoid real life for a short time because real life SUCKED. Is this YOUR self-care? Probably not. Just remember that MY self-care and YOUR self-care and your FRIENDS self-care are all going to look different. DON’T JUDGE YOURSELF (or others)! When I talk about self-care during this pandemic, I am not interested is what you THINK is good for you. I want to know WHAT WORKS to reduce the amount of stress you are experiencing!

Helping Others Can Help You
Humans are social creatures and this social isolation is difficult for many of us. So, figure out a way to reach out and help other humans. You can make face masks, go shopping, or donate some TP to a friend. These random acts of kindness can really bring your spirits up!

I hope this blog gave you a better understanding of how stress can impact your response to COVID-19! Let me know if you’d like a FREE consultation to see if life coaching can help YOU through this global pandemic.
Most of my clients come from personal referrals or from reading my blogs. Would you mind sharing?



Twin Cities Life Coaching is passionate about self-care. If we don't take care of ourselves first, how do we expect to care well for others in our lives?

Think of the oxygen mask in an airplane. The instructions given to you before taking flight insist that if there is a change in cabin pressure, we are to put on our own mask BEFORE we assist others with theirs.

Our hectic, over-scheduled, over-worked lives push us to meet everyone else's needs and deadlines before our own. We have it backwards and need to take an airplane oxygen mask approach instead.

Take care of yourself first, and the rest will follow.

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