Tips to Make it Through a Minnesota Winter


When you live in Minnesota, hibernation during the winter is a real thing. So, what can we do to make the winter here more BEAR-able? See what I did there?

The first thing is to understand that our bodies STILL need light and movement even though we may feel like grabbing a bag of chips and a Netflix marathon. While the lack of light makes that easy to justify, we need to resist.

Our melatonin and serotonin are affected by the lack of sunlight and if you’re interested in the WHY this happens, read my blog: Plan Ahead and Beat the Winter Blues.

Let’s look at a few ways we can help make it through the long MN winter: 

  • GET MORE LIGHT: If a tropical vacation is not a possibility this winter (like it’s not for me), then invest in a cheap full-spectrum light. This is an easy way to gain some of the benefits of the actual sun without having to fly somewhere else or move (which can get sort of spendy). I got mine at JoAnn Fabrics for under $30 with a coupon! Kona and I sit in front of it for an hour each morning enjoying coffee.

  • TRY TO ENJOY THE OUTDOORS: Only do this when it’s safe. I feel like I have to say that for legal reasons because LAST thing I need is for someone to sue me for frostbite.. lol! Anyway, I run with a few of my crazy friends outside when it’s not too cold. And I have to admit “too cold” changes each day and with each person. I hardly ever WANT to run outside in the winter but I am ALWAYS happy after I do.

  • ENJOY NEW ACTIVITES: I recently tried an Escape Room with a few friends, and it was so much fun. Especially after I realize you actually can leave if there is a fire or you have a panic attack! If being locked in a room isn’t your thing, there are also museums to visit and some parks have winter activities to try. It is a perfect time to look for some new indoor and outdoor activities that get us moving during the winter months.

  • HYGGE IT UP: This is a Danish word that has recently been adopted by us as a way to describe creating a cozy, comfortable space in the freezing cold winter. It uses candles, warm blankets, and books to hunker down for the season. I strive for this every year and honestly think it helps! I light candles, turn on my fireplace, and grab a cup of hot chocolate while I read a good book. Hygge is all about adopting a comfortable aesthetic similar to the Danish and less like The Shining. Afterall, all work and no play….

  • WINTER HOBBIES: This year I am attempting to make a quilt! This is something I wouldn’t want to do in the glorious MN summer but it’s a perfect activity for the wintertime. Is there a project or hobby YOU would like to work on? Having an activity to do AND the feeling of accomplishment when you’re done can help you make it through the winter.


Let me know if you’d like to come in for a FREE 30-minute consultation to see if life coaching can help you make it through the winter so you can emerge happier and healthier in the Spring.

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