Which is the right choice for you? Therapist or Life Coach


Now is a GREAT time for change. And what better way to impact change than to create some AMAZING goals and work hard to achieve them! Perhaps you were even considering hiring a life coach! But…. maybe you are thinking that you are super CrAzY and need a therapist? Buuuuut…. maybe you don’t even know what the difference is!!!

I have worked as both a therapist and a life coach and I’ve also HAD both. So I feel like I can simplify things a little. Let’s go over two big differences..

What do they do?

  • Therapists tend to delve into your family history to determine why you are a certain way. This open-ended process is typically long-term with no end date.
  • Life coaches tend to focus on the present and the bad habits that keep you stuck. We may ask about your history but that’s just because we are interested in you! We are very goal driven and focused on you meeting your goals.

What is their cost?

  • Therapists tend to charge more/hour based on their level of training and specialty. They give a mental health diagnosis to your insurance company and the insurance company pays them for their treatment of you. Many times this diagnosis will stay on your permanent health record.
  • Life coaches tend to charge a package fee. Many (but not all) have gone through training in a specific program which is a specific amount of time. Their services can be reimbursed with a Health Savings Account (you have to check with yours) but they do NOT submit a mental health diagnosis because most are not trained to do so.

Which is the right choice for you?
There is no simple answer for this. Both therapists and life coaches have differing levels of experience and talent. You need to do your due diligence and meet with them to determine your level of comfort with their style and level of education/training. You may also want to look at their online reviews on Google or Yelp. This is YOUR LIFE so make sure you take your time deciding. You want to work with someone you LIKE and feel can HELP you!

I hope this is helpful for you! If you would like to meet with ME to see if we are a good fit for life coaching, please send me a quick email and I will get right back to you!

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